About Me

Efe Patrick wrote this story during the Covid-19 pandemic. In it she shares her life rhythms with every reader. It is never easy for a person to sketch a biography, arrange words, reflect on past incidents, and re-live the moments! Through her own measured tone, she describes life in her local village, her parents’ sacrifices to give their children better life opportunities, her relationships with grandparents, siblings, cousins, and friends. With her aunt’s assistance, she set out on the next stage of her journey: arriving in Ireland. We see through her perspective the various challenges she faces with her marriage and being a lone parent. ‘My Side of the Story’ shows the strength of a woman who holds onto faith amidst the ups and down of life, and who chooses joy and happiness regardless of the situation she faces. “Efe Patrick has been successful in leaving her footsteps for her upcoming generations to follow and learn the art of overcoming difficult times through strong willpower and with an amazing faith in her religion.” – Quoted the Editor, Sneha Manek.